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In order to provide information about proper maintenance to your equipment, we included this FAQ page. 

Many wheelchair repairs simply require replacement of batteries and or chargers.  Replacing seat assemblies and armrests are also easy, do it yourself jobs , so we have included a part store for those who are comfortable with these repairs.

Many insurances such as Medicare will provide parts and services to beneficiaries and Repair Xpress provides in-home mobile service for all repairs nationwide.  A loaner wheelchair can be provided if the repair is more complex, or if special parts need to be ordered.

The bottom line is that our satisfaction is your mobility action.

To request service we only need your name, number and email (if available) to get started.

Looking for a part to order?  Let us know what part(s) are needed and include model and serial number and we'll be right with you. 

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Let us know what part(s) you are looking for and we'll check it out.  It will help to s important to include the model and serial number.